3 Months Later….

Liam is here!

(Liam 3 Months Old)

He is a little over three months old now and a complete angel baby!


We LOVE him so very much and Molly is an incredible big sister.

(Taken earlier this week! Molly 3 years, Liam 3 months.)


The funny thing was the day he was born, I had a scheduled c-section, but went into labor 6 hours before the scheduled time! It went so fast too! I barely made it onto the surgery table before I was ready to just push him out! Thankfully everything worked out great and my recovery was 10 million times better than my first c-section.

3 Days Old

1 Week




I’ve been taking pictures with a chalk board regularly and I love seeing how he’s grown!


I am so blessed to have a precious girl and now a sweet little boy!


Thanks readers for bearing with me while I took forever to update you on our little family!



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Dear Blog…

I have been neglecting you, I am sorry.




P.S. Here are some reasons why:


We aren’t done yet but we are getting close! Can’t wait to show off the finished room!! We have about 3 1/2 weeks left until our little man’s arrival!

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Nursery Art!

This piece is the major focal point for the soon-to-be-gender-neutral nursery!


Believe it or not, this project cost me about $.75 to make! I used a large canvas I already had that was up in Molly’s room and all the paper used for the mosiac came from my scrapbook paper scrap box! I used a bottle of regular old Elmer’s glue ($.75!) and just glued away piece by piece until I had the finished look I wanted.

This is what the piece looked like when I started. This hung above Molly’s crib in her girly nursery.


After I removed the old artwork (and turned into 2 scrapbook pages of course!) I free hand traced a large sunshine onto the canvas in pencil.


I spent the next three evenings cutting scraps of scrapbook paper that were blue in any shade, gray in any shade, and purple in any shade into small squares of various sizes. I usually did this mindlessly while watching a show with my hubbie.

Piece by piece, I glued it together layering the pieces ever so slightly as I went.

You can see how I layered the pieces around my traced out sunshine.

Molly was pretty excited about it, as you can see!


Then the next  evening was spent cutting any yellow or orange scraps I had into squares. I didn’t actually have that many, so I did break into my 12 X 12 stash for some more yellow and cut up an entire 12 X 12 piece of paper as well.

I cut  triangles for the rays from card stock scraps and actually layered them on top of the blue once they were paper “mosiac-ed.”

Then I cut a large half circle out of cardboard and layered that on top of the triangles for the main portion of the sun.

The letters I traced onto white card stock scraps using some chip board letters I had and cut them out by hand– tedious but free!


This piece will hang in the center of the room between their two beds and set the tone for the room. Bright, colorful, and happy!


Now if only the weather would cooperate and allow us to be able to paint the room, that’d be awesome. We actually had snow today!


We need to be able to open windows for ventilation because I am preggers and Molly will still need to sleep in there. I was so bummed about the fact that once again, the painting is being put off that I could hardly pull myself out of that state of bummed out disappointment. To help perk myself up, I made another art piece for the room… to be shown to you all later!


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Making Crayons…

Molly loves doing “projecks.” I cannot tell you how much I love that about her!

She received a huge tower of brand new crayons for Christmas from my brother so I thought we could do a “projeck” with our old crayons. (I’ve had that box of crayons since high school folks!)


This crayon project has been all over the internet, so I know this isn’t anything new. But it was fun, simple, and took something we already had and made it into something new and fun for us to use!

We took off the paper, Molly sorted by colors she wanted together, and then I melted them in the oven at 250 and let them cool! Molly calls them her “new” crayons! She is quite the little artist with her new up-cycled crayons.



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A Simple Valentine’s Day…

What? Valentine’s Day is this week? How did that happen? Am I the only one who feels like this?


Its great to have a day to focus on loving and appreciating the important folks in your life, but does it need to be a holiday you go all out for? For me– not so much.


I have some simple plans for making V-day special at our house thanks to some awesome pins on my beloved Pinterest!


For breakfast, heart shaped pancakes for Molly, and heart shaped eggs in a basket for hubbie.

(Photo Source)

For some simple activities, Molly and I will be making a heart stamp out of a toilet paper tube to make cards for family and friends, and making a quick V-day treat together in the kitchen… Valentine’s Day fudge! (Recipe is just a can of pink frosting mixed with a bag of white chocolate chips! How easy is that?)


Last but not least, Molly will also help momma make dinner for daddy, heart shaped homemade pizza!


All these simple ideas use ingredients or supplies I already have! The exceptions being the frosting and white chocolate chips, but those cost me about $3.50 to buy and I just included them in my weekly grocery shopping. No other additional funds are needed for this Valentine’s Day! (Yay for keeping the budget simple AND STILL making the day special!)

As for decorations? I just added a few paper hearts here and there to my existing wintery decor.



My dining room hutch.

Aren’t they cute? Just scrapbook paper hearts taped to a wooden skewer and placed inside a grouping of white bud vases. Love it!


Happy Valentine’s Day!




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My Computer Is Back!

Yay! My computer needed some work done the last week and I missed it! I’ve had so many blogging ideas over the past week that I’ve just had to set aside because our computer was “in the shop!” I really need to start writing these ideas down though, because once it was back earlier this week, I couldn’t remember anything I had thought to blog about!


Mommy brain? I think YES.


I did have my second ultrasound last week and we have a confirmed gender of boy! I found these cute little Tommy Hilfiger rompers at Goodwill for $.99 each the other day in 18 month size and snagged them! He’ll wear them next summer. (If I do buy clothes for my kiddos, I try to buy ahead as we often receive clothing gifts in their current or smaller sizes. This way I have a bit of a stockpile of clothes before they are needed!)

I love that they look like men’s dress shirts! My brother loves Tommy, so I told him we’d have to have them match for a picture at some point.


So fun to the whole boy thing now! I can’t wait to show you all the progress on our nursery! All be it very slow progress, I have managed to finish a couple things I’ll share soon.


Have fun watching Superbowl tomorrow all!

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Pinterest Recipes We’ve Loved…

What an amazing tool Pinterest has been for me in my meal planning! I have tried more new recipes in the last month than I have in the last year put together!

I wanted to share some of our favorites with you all because its always a risk to try something new without knowing the end result– this way you know at least we thought the recipes were amazing!


Baked Potato Soup! (This soooo very good and is done in the crockpot!)

Fried Egg and avocado sandwich (Very good for dinner or lunch!)

Coffee Cake In a MUG! (So easy and made me feel better about indulging in a treat because I was only making a single serving and not an entire cake!)

Cheesy Vegetable Chowder (SO GOOD and meatless, so very budget friendly.)

Crockpot Italian Chicken (This has very quickly become a family favorite, so easy too! We serve it over noodles instead of rice.)

No Bake Peanut Butter Bars (I made these for neighbors for Christmas– YUM!)

Poppy Seed Pancakes (We LOVED these! We made our topping with raspberries from our bush frozen from the summer and it was mind blowing.)


I also tried the tip on Pinterest to boil chicken and then shred it using your kitchen aid, it works sooo well! I have four meals worth of shredded chicken in the freezer right now!


HOpe you enjoy these recipes as much as we have! Which Pinterest recipes have you loved?

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The Big Girl Bed… A Story of FREE!

ALL summer long I looked for a nice twin bed frame at yard sales, thrift stores, and on Craigslist. Everything I looked for was either a massive project that was more trouble than it was worth, too much money for even second hand, or not age appropriate for a toddler.


I wanted to skip the whole toddler bed thing. Toddler beds only last so long before they need to be replaced with a twin. We decided to start with a twin with a guard rail and then remove the rail as she got older.


With all that searching, I found nothing. Nada. NO appropriate, affordable twin bed frames.



A friend of mine who rents from a wonderful lady who happens to be the mother of one of my dearest high school friends called me up one day at the end of the summer. She said her land lord was in town and was cleaning out her storage unit. She had two pink twin bed frames and a mattress set and wanted to know if I wanted them. WHAT?? YES!!!!!


I knew at that point that we were hoping for baby #2, though no one else did yet. I kind of got giddy at the fact that if this next one was a girl, I would have two pink matching beds! (But it wasn’t meant to be, and that’s okay! We are excited to have a son!)


I picked up the bed, cleaned it up a bit and had Nate set it up a few weeks later. I used a twin quilt that I used in college, just with the plain white side up to match Molly’s room more. I don’t love the guard rail, but it keeps her safe.

I also don’t love the little flower garland just hanging there. It looks unfinished. I used to have an adorable hand made quilt hanging up there:


But the pinks of the quilt clashed with the pinks of the bed and curtains.I also had plans to put new artwork up there, but when we found out for sure that we were pregnant, I decided to wait on more projects until we knew the gender. SO glad I did that!


Now that Molly has this totally free bed, I am trying to decide what I should do with it in a shared gender room. Paint it? But what if I have a third baby and its a girl and the two of them share a room? Wouldn’t it be fun to have them both be pink?


The other issue I have is that the baby comes at the end of April, which means good outdoor painting weather will not have come yet. SO I will not be able to paint it until May or June. I kind of want that room 100% done before baby– I will sleep better that way.


I kind of have some ideas floating around in my head about what I could do… we will see what ends up happening. For now? I am pleased as punch to have  free twin for my growing little girl and from such an awesome family too!



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Tab Tops To Pocket Curtains…

I’m just not a fan of tab top curtains. They kind of make me feel like the window isn’t finished. I know other people who have them in their homes and they look great with their styling. But for me– they just have never worked.

I found two sets of tab top, pink curtains at a yard this last summer. $3 for all. I had some cute valances up on Molly’s window, but they weren’t doing much to keep out that early morning summer sun. (4 am wake up times are so not cool.)

The process was truly simple. All I did was take a seam ripper to each tab and rip it off. There was already a pocket seam there that was large enough for our smaller curtain rods.

When I hung them up, I didn’t love them. They are WAY too pink! Its like Pepto Bismol puked all over her windows! But, its what I have and they do block out the morning light. I will take ugly pink over less sleep!

Simple, cheap project.


Now I need to replace these with something more gender neutral. (Read here if you missed our announcement!)


We’ll see what I come up with.

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When Your Toddler Takes A Pen To YOur Favorite Chair…


Tell yourself repeatedly to calm down and take deep breaths. Get Dawn dish soap on a wet rag right away. (Shout would have worked too, but I didn’t have any at the time.) Take deep breaths and calmly put the child in time out while you scrub like crazy on your chair.


Relax when it all comes out and it actually looks cleaner than it did before.


Revisit child in time out and calmly explain that pens are for paper only while they cry and tell you sorry over and over. (She could tell I was very upset; maybe it was because I started crying as soon as I saw the damage.)


Put a “no pens for Molly until your 13” rule in place to further protect your home from damage.


All is well.

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